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Each case is different, and Kaine Law Office will help you understand your rights.
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Clients can become very upset and discouraged when their insurance company denies or disputes a claim. It can seem unfair after all the years of premiums they have paid, only to be denied what they feel is reasonable coverage for their recovery. Medical bills can add up fast, but how will they be paid? What will happen in the future when the injury is still impacting theirr quality of life or ability to work? What happens if the healing process is slower than expected? What if the injuries do not heal as expected? What if they need long-term care? Going through this process and asking these questions can be extremely stressful.

We all know the benefits of insurance and the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re covered in the case of an unexpected loss. Unfortunately some people learn that when experiencing a personal injury, there may come a time when your insurance company seems to be the antagonist rather than the support team. Your insurance company may disagree with your medical treatment and how many visits you will need. There may be a disagreement about the extent of your injuries or how much treatment you will need in the future. If they are not happy with the payment amount, they will contest it.

When you have been injured in a car accident involving an uninsured or under-insured driver, your own insurance company will be liable for your personal injury, to an extent outlined in your policy. In your settlement, you will need a thorough understanding of what the injuries will mean to you in the years ahead. A fair resolution means having all the relevant documentation and strong legal counsel to help you navigate the process to a satisfactory conclusion. Each case is different, and the Kaine Law Office will help you understand your rights and fight for fair compensation.

If insurance companies are using unfair tactics, we’ll address that with solid legal precedents. There are a lot of components to a successful case, and we can build a compelling case. The best time to call is when the accident happens, so we can carefully gather and organize all the important details to determine probable expenses for medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our staff has been working with personal injury cases for years and understands the importance of excellent records and accurate information.

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