Medical Malpractice
If you’ve been faced with malpractice, Tim Kaine will help you find the best attorney for your situation.
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It is critical that you seek an attorney quickly. There is a short statute of limitations which means that there is only a short period of time that an attorney is able to help you with your case. Tim Kaine is a long-time member of the legal community and will help you find the state’s best possible attorney for your malpractice case.

These cases are complex, and it’s difficult to prove that action has been taken outside the accepted and ethical standards of the medical profession. It’s important to fully investigate the incident and resulting injuries or death.

Malpractice can cover falls at a care facility or hospital, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose, negligence, unnecessary procedures or surgery, surgical mistakes, medical errors or wrongful death. It can also include situations involving heart attacks, strokes, or injuries at birth. Such cases require thorough research into the details and circumstances of the situation and an objective, well-informed legal advisor. Tension runs high in these situations and obtaining the services of an experienced attorney is the first step to finding relief from the relentless stress, anger and sorrow.

If you’ve been faced with malpractice, call Tim Kaine at 651-288-4747. He will help you find the best attorney for your situation.

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