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Do you feel you have reason for a personal injury claim? Kaine Law Office can help answer your questions.
When You Are Injured
After being injured, your best defense is to immediately place a call to your personal injury attorney. The process should begin quickly so nothing is missed. Details can be documented and pictures can be taken; statements can be made with a full understanding of their implications. It’s always stressful and can be even worse with no representation or unqualified representation. You need an attorney experienced in personal injury cases to represent and speak for you. Call your attorney first, and your insurance agent second.

Tim Kaine specializes in personal injury and provides the personal attention and legal insights that can help you reach a fair settlement in the shortest time frame possible. The staff at Kaine Law Office is aggressive and unwavering throughout the process, while also being compassionate and focused on their clients. Tim prepares each case for court, but if it can be settled fairly without reaching the courtroom, so much the better. In each case, he takes the necessary stance for financial recovery for his clients.

Do you feel you have a personal injury claim? Kaine Law Office can help answer your questions. Personal injuries can be caused by incidents involving motor vehicles, bicycles, boats, recreational vehicles, sports, hunting, slips and falls, swimming, skiing, construction sites, dog bites, assaults, robberies, and more. These injuries can include physical pain and emotional trauma, whiplash, neck and back injuries, internal injuries, broken bones, loss of limbs, and mental impairment to name a few.

When injuries are caused because of negligence, you need legal counsel. If you were injured because of someone’s carelessness, you are entitled to compensation. The best advice is to talk with an attorney who has represented similar cases and can explain your legal rights. Tim is well respected within the Twin Cities for his personal injury expertise, and physicians and chiropractors confidently refer patients to him.

The capable staff at Kaine Law Office is well aware of the stress that overwhelms you when the pain continues and medical bills pile up. When you’re not sure how much work you’ll miss or how you’ll pay your bills, the pressure builds. They understand all too well the emotional and financial stress that clients endure, and they work hard for the best possible outcome.

If you have experienced an injury and wonder if you have a case, call Tim Kaine at 651-288-4747 for an evaluation of your situation and advice on how to proceed with confidence and courage. Remember to call Kaine Law Office before you speak with insurance representatives.

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